What Are Golf Towels Used For: Every Golfer’s Best Friend

what are golf towels used for

Golf towels are used to dry your golf clubs and balls after use, as well as your hands after a golf game.

They are usually made of a thin, soft material that is absorbent and fast drying.

This towel can also be used to clean dirt off the club face before putting the golf club back in the bag.

My wifey bought me these golf accessories set for Valentine’s day gift. To be honest, I used any piece of cloth as a golf towel beforehand.

She bought me this Aebor golf towel set with a microfiber towel. It’s perfect for drying your hands, removing excess water from the club after scrubbing it off with the towel, and even cleaning your set of golf balls.

What is the best type of material for a golf towel?

What Are Golf Towels Used For: Every Golfer's Best Friend 1
Callaway Premium Golf Towel

A cotton towel may be the best material for a golf towel because it is absorbent and dries quickly.

On the other hand, nowadays, most golf towels are made from microfiber fabric.

Therefore, it tends to be soft and comfortable, and more importantly, really easy to clean with super absorbent, fast drying times.

Another advantage of microfiber golf towels over cotton or even leather towels is that it attracts dirt well. And even if you neatest golfer, you always end with some dirt in your golf bag.

Disposable towels are another option. They have an absorbent interior layer with a wicking material on the backside for quick drying.

Disposable golf towels are not an environment-friendly solution. I would advise against using these. We, as golfers, are usually attacked as environmental enemies, so using those towels could bring you some slack from the public.

My local golf club gives you one of these wholesale golf towels, but I stick with my microfibre towel.

What is the optimal size of the golf towel?

The optimal size of a golf towel is 10″ x 18″. Logically, you can get a bit larger or smaller towel if you like. The average size of the golf towel is similar to your usual pocket towel. 

Bonus Video: Our dear friend Peter did an awesome video on the best golf towels, so check it out:

How to use a golf towel?

A golf towel is in my opinion, an essential item for any golfer.

This is my usual after-play routine. When I go into the locker room, I take a clean towel from my bag and first clean my golf balls. You don’t need to be really thorough, quality golf towels attract any remaining dirt on golf balls. Afterward, you can wash them.

The second step is to clean clubs that I used in the session. Similar to golf balls, start with the golf head and then move from the shaft towards the grip. In the end, I clear my golf glove with it and put it back in the bag.

Do you really need a special golf towel?

Yes, you do. They are really not expensive. You can buy towels in bulk, or buy some premium towels. But you really need one 🙂 

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